Last Week

Last week was the first week of Agile Learning Facilitation training. I've found myself in Charlotte, NC with a group of folks from here, NYC, and afar. Some have come from the former Manhattan Free School, now the NYC Agile Learning Center. They are sharing with the group what has been working in NYC. Others live here and have been running the Mosaic school which has recently moved to practice Agile Learning.

I wrote up a few blog reflective posts about my time in the facilitation training.

My achetype board

We did lots of different exercises together, this was the outcome of one about archetypes. Each circle represents how strongly I feel for each wedge.

Most of my time here has been spent either in the ALF (Agile Learning Facilitator) training, or socializing with other ALFers. Part of my role here is to learn, but the other part is to build the website.

I've got most of the site online and ready to go, we will be doing some design work on it in the coming days. I'm using a cool plugin called "Commons in a Box" which was developed for the CUNY network. It's been mostly painless to set up this social network for the schools, but there is lots more work to do.

I was able to catch up a bit with friends and family this week as well. Which I tend to enjoy when it happens but never want to make the call.

In the ultimate act of serendipity the director of The Farm's School contacted me out-of-the-blue asking for help with their wiki (they are using a service called Wagn, which I've been a little bit involved with). As it turns out one of the ALFers is on the board of Wagn! I've coordinated to meet the director next month when I start driving west.

I finally cleared up most of the e-mail backlog that had collected over the past month while I was at Acorn.

The site has launched and I've settled up with them.

I've implemented a Kanban board within my wiki (my wagn wiki!) and have set the intention to write these kind of follow up posts each week.

I want to clear out some of the 60+ tasks currently in my system this week, I've been putting up some of the low hanging fruit into my to-dos.

I'm looking forward to a trip to Myrtle beach this weekend. We'll see if it's still as off putting as it was last time I went there.