Crow Forset Farm

I got to spend the weekend visiting Crow Forest Farm. I drove in Saturday afternoon and found an exhausted Christina in the Octagon. She had just finished teaching a small class about Ukranian eggs, messages to the heavens. I got to meet her little chicks:

After an early night we awoke and began preparing for a day of work and education. The farm is hosting "shed" talks (in the shed) where people present on interesting topics. This weeks topic was the Keystone XL Pipleline. There was an interesting discussion after a compelling (and dire) film. There is a protest in D.C. on the 26th to push for the rejection of this pipeline.

the shed

After the shed talk a few of the guest stuck around to help plant in the garden and build the chicken's coop

Chicken coop design plan

We were able to put up the frame before eating an amazing dinner that Christina prepared.